Creating the Teachable Moment by Darlene L. Stewart

Creating the Teachable Moment

Book Title: Creating the Teachable Moment

Publisher: Tab Books

ISBN: 0830630899

Author: Darlene L. Stewart

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Darlene L. Stewart with Creating the Teachable Moment

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American education has come under intense scrutiny and criticism in recent years. A large percentage of school students never graduate, and those who do are often inadequately prepared for college or a career. Dr Spockism, behaviourism, more money, management by objective, high-tech, back-to-basics - none of these approaches seem to have helped reverse the decline in the quality of the educational system. This work presents a new way of looking at the process of learning. Author Darlene L. Stewart believes that any educational technique that focuses on factors outside the emotional framework of the teacher-student relationship - more homework, longer schooldays, or higher teacher pay, for instance - will prove insufficient as a means of enhancing student performance. Positive change in the quality of education can only occur when teachers are in the mood to teach and students are in the mood to learn. With this book, she shows teachers how to generate a climate of stability and well-being among themselves and their students, one that reduces stress and boredom and encourages creative insight, productivity and achievement. Stewart demonstrates how her techniques can be applied not only in conventional classroom environments, but in any educational setting, from the home or church to the workplace.